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Eduardo Cienfuegos


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I was born in Motril, Granada. Since a very young age, I was very fortunate that my family sent me to study abroad. I spent five years in the UK. This experience was fundamental in broadening my understanding of other cultures and people.

I landed in Seville on a spring morning for my first job teaching Spanish language and culture for North American study abroad students.

Seville exceeded all my expectations, the colors and bright light, the welcoming of people, traditions, life style and food. Seville was unique and a world apart from everything I had seen before;Traditions and popular fiestas were still well alive in Seville: Semana Santa, Feria de Abril, el Rocio, flamenco festivals and bullfighting. What better place to teach Spanish to foreign students and share the passion for our culture?

Now, after more than thirty-six years, I still feel the same passion for sharing our language and culture with hundreds of students from all over the world who come to Giralda Center every year. As Founder of Giralda Center I am very proud to introduce you to our team of Spanish teachers and administration staff under the direction of Charo Trigos. They are a solid and well cohesive professional team, full of energy, vocation, experience, innovation, professionalism, commitment, and above all enthusiasm for their work.

Os esperamos en Sevilla. ¡GRACIAS!

Eduardo Alvarez de Cienfuegos 

CEO and Founder


Because they create the kind of energy that makes you want to learn. Because the exciting rhythm of the class will thrill you as you learn, so much that at times you won’t believe it when the teacher says, “class over for the day!"


Because they believe any work well done must be done with enthusiasm. Because they chose this profession. Because they love to communicate with other people. Because passion is the word the students most often repeat when they say goodbye.


They are aware of the obligation their work implies. They know that dynamic learning needs good organization and expert handling, with absolute seriousness on the job.


Because for our teachers, innovation in education means investing in research to get the highest results in learning. Because they understand that innovation means working in teams, being flexible in dealing with others and constantly evaluating their work to achieve the best results.


Because at Giralda Center our programs are tried and tested which makes for a smooth running program for the teachers and students. Our courses follow the Instituto Cervantes curriculum and each day and week is planned in detail, including our activities and culture program so that the students benefit from learning in harmony.


Because all teachers at Giralda Center have a minimum of 8 years teaching Spanish as a second language and they have the skills and patience to understand the struggles that foreign language students face when learning a new language. They have the know-how to help our students make the most of their time and learn.

Academic departament

Charo, JoséCarlos and Pablo are in charge of the academic department at Giralda Center. With years of experience and excellence in Spanish teacher training as well as in program development at Giralda Center. Their worldwide reputation precedes them.

Sales & Student adviser

Paula and Amy together have over 30 years’experience of studying and travelling abroad and looking after international student needs.

Sales and Student adviser - Paula and Amy 

Amy was born and bred in Australia but has spent all her adult life in Seville. She has been taking care of Spanish language students in Seville for 15 years and loves sharing her experience and knowledge with them.

She takes care of the students before they enrol, to help them choose which course is best suited to their needs and answer any questions they might have before they arrive. Once the students are here in Seville, Amy makes them very welcome and helps them make the most of their time here.

Paula is from Seville and has a love of languages and travel. She has lived in the UK and Italy and all of her professional life has been taking care of foreign students in Seville.

Aside from looking after the individual students like Amy, she also takes care of group bookings. She liaises directly with group leaders and teachers to organise and plan their classes, accommodation, airport transfers and activities. Paula is an asset to our team.

Accommodation & accounting

One of our main concerns at Giralda Center is placing the students in the most appropriate accommodation for their needs. Maria del Mar and Rosario have more than 20 years’experience in helping students.


We have the best team of Spanish teachers. The teachers at Giralda Center are dynamic individuals, each with a different personality and a wide range of interests.

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