A great opportunity to enrich your Spanish learning experience: after your Intensive Spanish Course in the morning, add an extra class of your choice in the afternoon. Cooking classes, flamenco workshops and cultural immersion are just some of the options we have to offer.

Intensive Spanish Course “A tu manera”

20 hours per week of Intensive Spanish Course.

Optional course in the afternoons.

A daily program, Monday to Friday, of free afternoon/evening cultural activities.

This course is available at all levels, all year round.

Take advantage of our flexibility: our courses begin every Monday all year round. If you are a student at the A1 level (Beginner) we recommend the following starting dates:

8 January • 4 February • 4 March • 1 April • 29 April • 3 June • 1 July • 5 August • 2 September • 30 September • 28 October • 25 November


This option combines our intensive Spanish morning course with cooking sessions of approximately 3hr, 1 session per week. Our cooking sessions consist in workshops conducted by leading chefs from the nouveau Spanish cuisine school.

In these demonstration classes the chef introduces topic-oriented recipes such as rices and pastas, Mediterranean blue fish, olive oil in the kitchen, cold soups: ajo banco, gazpacho y salmorejo …..which he explains in details and elaborates step by step during the class with the participation of the students.

The class is followed by a meal which includes wine tasting and informal chat. The participants include both Spanish and foreign students.

Price for 1 week Spanish course + 1 cooking session per week = 220€


Combining Spanish with flamenco shouldn’t come as a surprise. What better way to immerse yourself in the rich culture Seville has to offer?

We suggest 1hr beginner dance sessions (Sevillanas or rumba).

Price for 1 week Spanish course + 5 dance sessions = 350€

Giralda Center

Have you got little time but want to make the most of your stay in Seville? We propose combining our Intensive Spanish Course in the morning with private cultural and immersion sessions accompanied by one of our teachers lasting 1hr30, in which you can practice and continue learning Spanish your way.

We have a lot of possibilities:

Seville and its tapas.
Seville and its museums
Seville and its parks and gardens
Seville and its convents
Seville and its historic quarters
Or the Seville that you want to know. Give us your idea and we’ll plan it for you.

Price for 1 week Spanish course + 1 dance session = 220€

Giralda Center
Giralda Center

A daily program, Monday to Friday, of free afternoon/evening cultural activities.

A great opportunity to learn more while sharing with your companions and teachers the soul of Seville. Learn and enjoy!