Seville, the capital of Andalucía, and an ideal destination for learning Spanish language and culture

Spanish culture and traditions

The ideal city to learn Spanish

Seville, friendly and welcoming

Sevilla tiene un color especial / Seville has a certain vibe

And most importantly

A safe city to enjoy street life both day and night

If you have ever dreamed of experiencing the Spanish way of life, you´ll find it here in Seville more than anywhere else: hospitality, friendliness, history, tradition, flamenco, tapas and sunshine.

Seville is one of the friendliest Spanish cities in Spain: a quality that makes you feel at home from the first day and contributes to learning Spanish and communicating.

Seville is one of the most accessible cities in Spain: it has an international airport with direct flights to and from Frankfurt, München, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Rome. High-speed trains connect Seville to other Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.

Seville is a medium-sized city with a population of approximately 700.000. It is easy to get round by bike and on foot.

Seville has a thriving social life throughout the year thanks to its excellent weather and open character

  • 4 universities
  • More than 80.000 students
  • 140km of cycle paths throughout the city and beyond
  • A functional and affordable public bike system
  • A green city where people walk or cycle everywhere
  • Beautiful green spaces and riverside to enjoy the outdoors
  • An immense historical heritage

  • Opera House, many theatres and concert halls
  • Film festival and “Bienal de Flamenco”
  • 2 Champions League football teams
  • Olympic stadium
  • Aircraft industry
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • More than 4.000 restaurants and bars

Seville is a city for the senses...and much more!!