What are the CCSE exams?

What are the CCSE exams?

The CCSE exams (constitutional and cultural knowledge of Spain) are aimed at people over 18 who want to obtain Spanish citizenship with the following characteristics:

  • 10 years of legal residence
  • 2 years of legal residence for citizens of Latin American origin
  • Married with Spanish / for at least 1 year

CCSE exams are organised by the Cervantes Institute and the examination centres are schools such as Giralda Center, which are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and CCSE official examination centre in Seville. The exam consists of 25 questions distributed by the following content: 60% of questions on the constitution and 40% on culture, society and history; time allowance for the test is 45 minutes. To obtain a necessary PASS you must answer correctly at least 60% of the questions, for example 15/25. We recommend you access these example questions to prepare for your exam. The CCSE exam is validated once the DELE certificate, with a minimum A2 level for non-Spanish speakers is achieved.  The DELE exam can be taken either before or after the CCSE exam.

To register for the exam, go through the website of the Cervantes Institute and access the user registration.

When you access the web you will find detailed information of the documents you must submit and also the test dates that our school offers.

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