The Spanish language and its use in other countries

Spanish is the common language spoken in Spain and in many South American countries, besides other countries in other parts of the world where it is considered the native tongue. It is the third language most spoken after English and Chinese.

Spanish, as a Romance language, is the sum of diverse languages that existed in the Iberian Penisula and which were modified by the influence of the Romans, Goths and Arabs.

It was King Alfonse X the Wise who sought to transform Castellano into the standard language by a process of normalizing written Castellano which developed as a linguistic variety that was the base of the language, used in all possible areas and of social interest and the codification of linguistic uses, such as the virtual public library Miguel Cervantes.

More than 400 million native inhabitants worldwide speak Spanish

At the end of the 15th century with the union of Castille and Leon, Castellano was beginning to dominate over dialects, crossing to other countries by way of conquerors and missionaries.

In numerous countries, Spanish is the dominant language, although we can still appreciate differences in vocabulary and grammar between the Spanish spoken in Spain and that spoken in Latin American countries.

In America there are more than 400 million people who speak Spanish and more than 60 million living in the United States. Their importance is so great that a law put into effect by President Barak Obama provides a web page in Spanish to help Latinos who wished to sign up for insurance plans.

Today, Spanish is one of the languages most studied in the world. In Giralda Center we offer the possibility to study Spanish in Spain.

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