Spanish Workshop in Italy

Last week, from 13th -14th of November, I had the good fortune to participate as a speaker at a conference (Florence and Pisa) organized by Proyecto España; the agency that represents us in Italy. It was a very comprehensive program and a rich experience that I have enjoyed thoroughly. We were fortunate to have a speaker from the Spanish university, others in the publishing world and from private education entities … attended by over 100 teachers, Italian and Spanish, working (mostly) in public secondary schools teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We are united by: teaching / learning Spanish, we all show the same passion for the language and know it inside out, but not all teachers share an idea that I believe is fundamental: a paradigm shift is urgent in education in the 21st Century, that education in addition to discover content can adapt to each student and make the best of them.

Each generation of teachers has sought to improve the status quo but also each generation of teachers has succumbed and settled itself into their comfort zone thinking, not without reason, to change the educational system is impossible, but what is unacceptable is that seeing so many cracks and recognizing not do anything to stop this drain of talent that represent our youth. The digital society of the 21st century has forever changed the roles of teachers and students and strongly believe that we are facing the most exciting challenge in the history of mankind. Frank Capra said … “A hunch is creativity trying to tell us something”; don’t procrastinate on your hunches , we should change …

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