I think most of you will know the DELE, Diplomas of Spanish as a foreign language started in 1989. But maybe you are not familiar with SIELE (International Service Evaluation of the Spanish Language) which emerged in 2016.  Both are Spanish proficiency assessments and are designed to meet different needs of the candidates. They also have in common their prestige and international recognition.

The DELE certificates from A1 to C2 level following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), are granted by the Cervantes Institute, participated by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain. These certificates have no expiration date and are offered to school children, young people and adults who do not have Spanish as their mother tongue. The exam consists of four tests: reading comprehension (CL), Listening (CA), written expression and interaction (EIE) and expression and oral interaction (EIO) . The test is always taken onsite at examination centers like ours, with a closed number of exam dates per year. The result – two of the DELE are offered within a maximum period of 2 months from the date of examination and with a grade of PASS or FAIL. Students with a PASS receive an electronic certificate and also a physical certificate by mail.  The SIELE exam assesses the use of Spanish for young people and adults who have Spanish as a foreign or native language. It is supported by the Cervantes Institute and the University of Salamanca and the University of Buenos Aires and the National Autonomous University of Mexico, which guarantees the linguistic varieties of Spanish. One of the differences regarding the DELE is that you can perform a thorough examination and consisting of 4 tests and also by doing it by parts, i.e., examining the different components of the test separately: Reading Comprehension (CL), Listening (CA), written expression and interaction (EIE) and oral expression and interaction (EIO). All SIELE management, including examination is done electronically through an exam center (Giralda Center is also an official SIELE examination center) and a system of prior appointments. The correction of the exam takes three weeks and certificates or reports are obtained through a computer application. SIELE certificates are valid for two years

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