Seville: More than just the city

Seville and its province offer a unique setting to learn Spanish and enjoy the culture. Seville is world-renown as a vibrant city of light and color that still witholds all of its traditions, celebrations, gastronomy, way of life and above all the openess and hospitality of its people. Make your way on foot or on bike from one extreme of this charming city to the other; from Triana to Macarena or from the Santa Cruz quarter to the Alameda de Hércules. Each neighborhood has its secret corners, convents, Mudejar churches, popular bars and bodegas and meeting points of the Sevillians. Sevillians love their visitors and this will make you feel very comfortable and welcome among us.

However, Seville does not refer to the city alone. The province of Seville offers an infinite number of possibilities to its visitors further afield than the city walls. Seville is rich in contrasts: the “sierra norte”, less than one hour away by bus or train, with its mountains and villages such as Cazalla de la Sierra, Constantina, El Pedroso and Alanis.

Here you can trek through the chestnut forests, try the local cuisine or simply breathe the fresh mountain air; Roman cities such as Carmona or Itálica, both a mere 30 minutes from the center of Seville. Born in Italica, Emperor Adriano constructed one of the greatest amphitheaters of the Roman Empire here on this very site; monumental villages such as Osuna, Écija, Estepa and Utrera with their palaces and Renaissance or Baroque churches that still maintain genuine Andalusian tradition: popular celebrations, oil presses where the oil is prepared in the traditional method, “haciendas”, horses and bulls for bullfighting.

Seville is more than just Seville, it’s also the Guadalquivir River, which unites the mountains with the sea through the paddy fields and marshes and the Doñana National Park.

Our Spanish School in Seville, Giralda Center, offers our Spanish students a weekly program of visits and excursions so not only do they have the possibility of discovering Seville but also the surrounding area. Included in the price of our intensive Spanish courses are 8 hours of weekly visits and cultural activities  that without doubt will help you get to know the Andalusian culture while practising the language.

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