Other must-sees in Seville

Talking about Seville is a complex task and recommending a sightseeing tour around the city is even more complicated. This city offers so much to the visitor, whether it be a Spanish student or tourist, that to reduce or select the most most important monuments or places of interest means leaving others behind.

We begin our walk by one of the monuments that our center is named after, the Giralda. This extremely famous bell-tower of the Cathedral Santa María de la Sede is made up in its lower part by the remains of the Almohade minaret of the ancient mosque from the 12th century and by the bell-tower constructed in the Christian era with the entire structure crowned by the Giraldillo (1568) , a Renaissance sculpture that serves as a weather-vane. The Giralda measures a total of 101 meters. Out of curiousity we mention that the climb up to the bell-tower covers 35 ramps and the final length of 17 steps.

Replicas of the Giralda exist in other parts of the world:

1) New York, United States. It was destroyed to construct Madison Square Garden.

2) Kansas City, United States. Reproduced next to the Plaza de la Virgen de los Reyes.

3) l’Arboç, Tarragona, Spain. The Ambassadors’ Salon of the Reales Alcázares of Seville and the Patio of the Lions of the Alhambra of Granada are reproduced in the interior of the building.

Apart from all of the monument’s historical references and other curiosities we find this beautiful inscription: located in Barrio de Santa Cruz  and surrounded by another of the city’s most emblematic monuments, the Reales Alcázares.

In Barrio de Santa Cruz you can have a enjoy a drink and quick bite in any of the countless bars, terraces and taverns or simply relax in the incomparable surroundings.


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