Dictionary of Spanish use by Maria Moliner

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of the “Dictionary of Spanish use” by Maria Moliner (March 30, 1900, Paniza, Zaragoza-January 22, 1981, Madrid).

Moliner, librarian, philologist and lexicographer represents for those who have studied philology and love Spanish, a true milestone as it came to complete the shortcomings of the standard dictionary only so far, the DRAE (The Spanish Royal Academy Dictionary). In the words of Maria Moliner: “The Academy dictionary is the dictionary of authority, mine has not had much regard for authority “

The story of the creation of this great work comes when one of her sons brought back an English dictionary, Learner’s Dictionary of Current English by A. S. Hornby, 1948, after a trip to Paris in 1952, which focused precisely on the students of English as a second language. It was at that time she decided to create a small dictionary that she states took her only two years.  In the end it wasn’t until over 15 years until it appeared by the editors Gredos; The Dictionary of Spanish Use, or simply as we refer to it; the Maria Moliner.

Promotional Video Maria Moliner opera, which premiered on 13th April, 2016 at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid.

María Moliner. Photo: Musgo Dumio_Momio – Flickr


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