7 days: Easter in Seville

Sometimes it is very difficult to talk about something extraordinary when we have lived through something so “extraordinary” from our childhood as something so natural. They are the feelings we Sevillians (by birth or adoption) have about Easter in our city. The same emotions are felt throughout Andalusia´s length and breadth, from Cordoba to Cadiz, from Almeria to Huelva.

Many of you know that Andalusian Easter transcends its own meaning: the religious sentiment always walks hand in hand with a secular spirit that allows us to connect the human with the divine without any problem whatsoever, it is natural, it is spontaneous, and it is cultural… Easter in Andalusia; without fanaticism combines and mixes deep religious feeling with other festive and celebration (and sometimes surprising) contrasts with Easter in other parts of Spain. The Andalusian Easter is universal, cosmopolitan and at the same time preserving its past, its legacy is in our cultural DNA and this also shows in how we celebrate such a significant holiday of which we speak of today.

San Benito (Martes Santo)

Gran Poder ( Madrugá del Jueves Santo)

La Amargura ( Domingo de Ramos)

From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday 60 brotherhoods parade through the city; if each brotherhood parades an average of 2 floats depicting parts of the story of Holy week, we have then in these 7 days of spring a total of about 120 floats, depicting the greatest works of the Sevillian baroque sculpture created by the most representative sculptors of the 16th and 17th Century: Martinez Montañés, Juan de Mesa and Pedro Roldán.

Remember that our school will be open on 21, 22 and 23 and like every year, we offer a super special course during Holy Week 16 hours + a tour to various churches to see and hear about the different floats on Holy Thursday.  The tour will last for approximately 4 hours. As a taster, play our quiz: What do you know about the Sevillian brotherhoods?

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